Visit us February 12th when we’ll be featuring a short pop-up exhibit of new works by Carlos Gamez de Francisco’s from his recent trip to Cuba.  25 photographs will be presented.   The show will be up through March 8th.

Carlos ~  In this series, I am portraying the youngest generation of Cubans, who are the future of the country. The models, apparently dressing in sumptuous costumes symbolizing the relationship of past and present, are using regular objects found in their homes such as kitchen towels, curtains, table covers, bedspreads, plastic bags, clothes pegs, and stainless steel scouring pads. The photographs recreate what power means by using re-purposed objects to depict minorities. This series extends the concept of the uncertainty of what real power means. It is about expanding the meaning of power and constructing hope- the hope to be, the hope to succeed, and the hope of being remembered.


Artwork:  Carlos Gamez de Francisco, The Game of Influence, 45″x30″, photograph on aluminum