Dobree Adams

Dobree Adams ~We live on a Kentucky River farm north of Frankfort. My work is grounded in this closeness to water, trees, wildflowers, my vegetable garden, and to our horses, donkeys, llamas, dogs, cats, and chickens. For twenty years we raised sheep, a prize-winning flock of Lincoln Longwools.I spin and dye the wool from this rare breed of sheep, an old British breed renowned for the curl, lustre, strength, and length of its wool. In my tapestries, which are handwoven in series, I use handspun yarns in the many natural colors of the sheep, which range from white, silver, gray, brown, and charcoal to black, as well as dyed yarns that are painted by hand in the skein using a Japanese brush. I recently started using some of the incredibly soft wool from the llamas. The tapestries are embellished with a beaded signature.

Many of the recent tapestries were insired by travels in Japan and by design aesthetics which are an inherent part of Japanese culture as well as guiding principles for the traditions of Japanese art and craft. The Yugen Series comes from the Zen concept of paring down to the essence. Yugen, which means subtlety or mystery refers to the beauty that lies below the surface. The WA Series reflects the importance of harmony in Japanese life. In Japanese design the basis for harmony with nature rests in the usage of natural materials: bamboo, wood, stone, straw and handmade paper