Jaime Corum ~In the great stories, the horse is presented as hero and protector—a symbol of surpassing strength, courage, beauty and fidelity. Those childhood horse legends formed my understanding of horses; my life with real horses has proved and refined it.

In many ways, my equine paintings & drawings are visual horse stories—my way of contributing to the mythology of the horse. All my subjects are “characters,” like actors on a stage caught in a moment of significance. I allow the background to play only a small role or fade completely as the horse alone takes the spotlight. I hope to suggest a larger context or narrative beyond the action taking place, but leave this undefined.

The more I paint horses, the more I see and understand their nature. I love to study my own horse’s body language—from the obvious to the most subtle clue—to unlock the secrets of his mind. By working from the source, I refine my ability to portray the horse physically. But perhaps more importantly, my time with horses provides me with infinite inspiration for my visual “horse stories.” I hope that you the viewer will bring your own experience to these works and imagine great dramatic tales for each of my characters.