Jaime received her BFA from the University of Mississippi in Imaging Arts and her MFA in Photography from Louisiana Tech University.  Her work has been published in ShotsMagazine, Don’t Take Pictures, Light Leaked, and Seites, and her series Untamed recently won the Grand Prize in the Maine Media Workshops international contest Character: Portraits and Stories that Reveal the Human Condition.

In her film series “Untamed”, Jaime chronicles the intimate relationship of a feral woman and her surrounding natural environment. The cyanotype process shifts focus from potentially colorful landscapes and figures to patterns, textures, and the relationships of forms within the images. Discovery—both psychological and physical— reveals each of us is a part of a shared experience.

Untamed ultimately reflects upon the forms, the impermanence, and the interconnectedness of nature’s life. The Wild Woman is our messenger calling us to return to our ancestral past. I find her in the rustling woods, fields, streams, swamps, riverbeds, and hear her voice throughout the land, calling us home.