Basically, I am a formalist.  My chemistry background invites me to experiment with paint and my biology background stimulates me to work with form.  I am working with space, line and overlay of color.  Design elements are working with the composition of the pieces in geometrical relationships.  Texture is feeling and is created by adding energy brush strokes. I also add other elements like sant to the paint.

My new work is the horse portrait and harnessing will.  It is the relationship between horse and rider.

I am interested in active space.  Space is emptiness and gives the self time to explore in emptiness, thereby creating a dialog

in oneself simply looking and being the seer.  Space is also freedom which a horse by nature naturally loves.

The horse is a symbol and living representation of beauty, power, freedom, spirit, gentleness, strength and vulnerability.  Horses are also playful and serious.  The works point directly to being what it is.