Becky Simmermacher was born in Columbus, Ohio where she received her B.F.A in painting. After receiving her M.F.A in painting at Washington State University, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky where she has resided for 35 years. During her time in Lexington, she has worked as an artist and graphic designer for the University of Kentucky. Now retired, she devotes her time to family, art and gardening.

Artist Statement
An ongoing inspiration for me is the pleasure of going into any outdoor area to search out and capture simple patterns of light and shadow before they disappear. The image may be shadowy organic shapes cast on a bright surface or it may be a shadow of a man-made object in relief, or a mixture of organic and man-made shapes. I take these patterns back to the studio to play with color, scale and patterns in a graphic design software to create the compositions that will begin a painting. The process starts by a defined composition, but as I paint, forms change and morph into new shapes. I delineate form using loose marks and drips of paint to emphasize certain areas in the work. My art is filled with color, which reflects the joy I feel within and the positive outlook I have in life. It’s my mission to spread that joy to others through my art.

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