Eve Ozer


Eve Ozer entered this world in a rebellious state of mind.

A German born, Chicago based artist, she immigrated to the United States at the age of nine. Her mother would describe her as a willful child. Eve would attribute this independence to her creative spirit. Scraps of paper and a pencil were Eve’s first tools. Through independent study and multiple workshops, she found her niche in mixed media. Eve works in charcoal, graphite, ink, acrylic, oil & cold wax.

Influenced by Asian calligraphy, an abstract interpretation of this elegant form of mark-making is the beginning of her painting process. She enjoys using unconventional tools in her work such as silicone scrapers, old credit cards and fallen branches. Some of her more interesting marks are made from sticks and weeds she finds while walking around her neighborhood.

Today you will find Eve painting full time in her studio. Her other passions include her two Cavalier King Charles spaniels, her family, gardening, cooking, walking, sitting in silence and reading. Her paintings are hanging in homes throughout the United States, England and Canada.

~Artist Statement~
Since I can remember I have been fascinated by lines. I love their thick, thin, round, square, crooked, straight shapes. The lines I put down on the canvas are a continuation of the threads I sew together to make my way in this world. Painting keeps me sane and gives me purpose.

I begin with either a piece of charcoal or graphite in my hand, jump into the surface of the canvas, and hopefully something divine will make itself known. A series of lines are the gateway; some are big, expansive expressions, others quiet, little marks. These become the underpinning and are hidden under multiple layers, but their energy remains integral to the surface.

My process is intuitive and I love to experiment. There is a lot of “what if” in my studio practice – sometimes to tragic consequences – yet other times, to unpredictable little miracles. That’s what keeps me going into the studio; those gifts from the gods. Joyful magic. An alchemy of sorts. A form of visual poetry. A place we fly around in our dreams. That’s how I describe my studio practice and hopefully my work will bring a sense of magic and wonder to you.

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