I am a photo-based mixed media artist working in Lexington for more than 25 years.
Schooled in traditional photography, my work has become anything but traditional. I may use traditional and digital photography or I may use a photo-alternative process, but then I push the photograph beyond any of its traditional borders. I break the photograph down to the basic elements of light, form, texture and tone, then include collage, paint or other mixed media elements to expand the photograph.

I also use the format of an artist book to expand the photographic image. My series and sequential manner of observation and documentation has made this a natural evolution for my artwork. I realize that in keeping up with the rapid pace of photographic technology, it is very comforting to hold a book in your hands.

I have found the garden to be an inspiration for my artwork. I am in awe and wonder of the garden as it comes to life in the spring after a long winter, as it shares its mystique and beauty throughout the summer and of all the changes within the garden when fall arrives. I see the flowering garden as an evolving metaphor of life itself. I study and document nature in its many prismatic layers as it passes through time, reassembling the layers, page by page, to create unique portraits.

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