Shawn Marshall is a Louisville-based mixed media artist whose work can be found in many private collections throughout U.S. and Europe, and corporate collections including PNC Bank, Brown-Forman Corporation, the University of Kentucky, and Commonwealth Bank. She earned a Master of Architecture with a minor in Fine Art from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky.


“My artistic practice focuses on the natural world and its universal meaning. Through different approaches, abstract and more representational, I explore our connection to and impact on the natural environment. When working in a more representational way through landscape painting, the emphasis tends to be on the horizon, a metaphor for hope and moving forward. My abstract mixed media work explores our impact on the environment through an overhead lens, viewed like partially unearthed excavations or ruined cities and gardens. Though worn and somewhat rough, with patterns left behind, beauty can still be found. The conceptual idea in both artistic approaches center around hope.”


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