Teri Dryden

Teri Dryden is a collage artist and painter living and working in Louisville, KY. Her work is included in many private and public collections and has been exhibited in numerous solo, group and juried exhibitions across the country and internationally. In 2019, she was awarded a professional development grant from the Great Meadows Foundation for a six week artist residency in rural Japan. She recently received an award of merit for the National Collage Society 2020 Exhibition and Best of Show at the SALI National Abstract Exhibit.

“My paintings and collages address the themes of personal and cultural identity, impermanence and the beauty of things unconventional. My practice is deeply informed by a life-long case of wanderlust and an intense curiosity about places and people and the ways we all change each other, an ineffable transfer of experience. A deep interest in Japanese art, thought and philosophy have led me to the principles of wabi-sabi, which celebrates what is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. My work acknowledges thoughts and ideas about how the continually changing nature of all beings and objects affect the view of oneself and how place and identity are inextricably bound to one another. With an emphasis on process I create highly textured surfaces by responding to the changes in the picture as I explore and interact with my materials by layering paint and paper, sanding and marking, creating open spaces, altering and adjusting. Moving between intuition and logic, chaos and order, I reunite and record fragments of thought, feeling, and memory. By creating an ephemeral path between internal experiences and external encounters, I ask: Who am I? Who are we?”

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