Let us show you the transformative power of a custom framing design in a fun and visually stimulating environment.  At New Editions, nothing tickles our fancy more than working with our customers to find the perfect complement to your treasured work, and watching you fall in love all over again.  The experience we offer can be more couture with a house call!  Free consultations and installations, because we ADORE seeing just what your art needs to shine in your home or office.

A not-so-secret love of contemporary and fun frames means the options we provide will run from outrageous to understated subtlety, with a sharp eye for sophisticated grandeur, our design team can outfit your job from our stock of over 4,000 moulding samples on display.   No budget can constrict our efforts, no corporate job is too big, no vintage piece of jewelry or delicate crosshatch too small, no tribal mask excavated from a dig in the desert too crumbly, nor heady crystal too powerful for us! With combined degrees in Interior Design, Art History, Studio Art, and nearly 30 years of locally owned and operated business under our belts, if we don’t know how to do it, well… actually we’d be very impressed with you for stumping us.

It’s a lighthearted affair we have with art here, but we take conservation and preservation very seriously.  The art that makes your heart skip beats is susceptible to various environmental elements (and no, we aren’t referring to the dust bunnies it’s collecting in the top of your closet). See, framing experienced a massive dark age… the time before it was understood that cardboard, mats and paper contain acids that actively deteriorate the integrity of your art.  At New Editions, only the safest materials are used.  It’s our goal to ensure the portrait of your Great Aunt Gertrude (the one with the eyes that follow you no matter where you go) will be around to make future generations say “seriously, how is she still looking right at me?!”

Conservation materials:

  • Acid-free mats and backboards
  • Fine quality linen and rice paper hinging tapes
  • Reversible and neutral conservation adhesives
  • Appropriate UV-filtering glass or acrylic glazing materials